We are a European business advisory firm with a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe. We use our expertise to support start-ups and SMEs comply with the applicable regulatory standards in their industries and markets.

We offer a comprehensive suite of industry-specific services designed to assist our clients improve their business operations, anticipate and mitigate potential operational and regulatory risks, as well as abide by the highest professional standards, thus maximizing their market potential.


We understand industry-specific regulation and the intricacies that come with it. To find the best solutions to often highly complex problems, we also find it necessary to combine it with best practices and the business interests of our clients. So far, we have gained a wide expertise in a limited number of fields, as we have served mostly clients from industries such as:

Healthcare and Healthtech
Tech and Data Regulation
Banking and finance
Online platforms and P2P
Startups and Innovation

Amid the skyrocketing development of technology from the last decades, these industries saw a variety of legal, economic, social and ethical challenges, placing business executives and policy-makers under an immense pressure to make smart, sustainable and socially conscious decisions, while leading law abiding entities.

As the majority of our clients active in these industries were impacted by the development of emerging and rapidly evolving technologies, we have used our specialized expertise to help them achieve regulatory compliance, enter new markets and thrive in adversarial industry settings.

However, we are firm believers in the value of continuous education and development. As you grow, we are ready and committed to growing together with you, working on always learning and improving to best serve your interests as needed. So feel free to reach out to us even if your activities are outside these areas!


Our team members have both academic and professional practical experience, with an educational and work background spanning across 10+ years, in several countries, from US to China, from Switzerland to Romania. To find the best solutions for our clients, we can always reach out to our network of seasoned experts (lawyers, financial consultants, accountants, privacy experts, IT support and system designers) who are always available to work together with us to best meet our clients’ business and professional needs.

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