We are an independent, European boutique business advisory firm dedicated to helping micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) all across Central and Eastern Europe grow and evolve at the highest professional standards.

We offer a comprehensive suite of industry-specific services designed to assist our clients improve their business operations, anticipate and mitigate potential operational risks and maximize their market potential.


We understand industry-specific regulation and the intricacies that come with it. To find the best solutions to often highly complex problems, we also find it necessary to combine it with best practices and the business interests of our clients. So far, we have gained a wide expertise in a limited number of fields, as we have served mostly MSMEs from industries such as:

Healthcare and Healthtech
Tech and Data Regulation

However, we are firm believers in the value of continuous education and development. As you grow, we are ready and committed to growing together with you, working on always learning and improving to best serve your interests as needed. So feel free to reach out to us even if your activities are outside these areas!


Our team members have both academic and professional practical experience, with an educational and work background spanning across 10+ years, in several countries, from US to China, from Switzerland to Romania. To find the best solutions for our clients, we can always reach out to our network of seasoned experts (lawyers, financial consultants, accountants, privacy experts, IT support and system designers) who are always available to work together with us to best meet our clients’ business and professional needs.


We pride ourselves in behaving with the highest levels of integrity and transparency towards our clients. We value setting clear expectations and achievable objectives, while also engaging in accurate and timely reporting.

We are deeply committed to our clients, always becoming an integral part of their teams through close collaborations. We strive to create strong, long-lasting partnerships, built on reliability and empathy, where we can grow alongside our clients.

Guided by the principle that things not done well are not worth doing at all, we put great emphasis on professionalism, discipline and precision in our work. We define ourselves as an excellence-driven team always aiming to reach both our and our clients’ maximum potential.


Thank you for providing us with your personal data. As we value your privacy, we will only use it to contact you for the strict purpose of replying to your query. For more details about how we treat your data, you can always check our Privacy Policy.